My favorite enterepreneurship author Tim Ferriss did a series of videos for Reddit readers a while back, I must share these here: Tim Ferriss answers your questions He is giving very good advice in some of those, especially the last video where he talks about fighting procrastination. Tweet Related Reading Make Money Online: Fiverr: Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Make a Full Time Income! (How To Make Money Online, Quit Your [...]


Referral rewards are very powerful and their success has been proven time and again.If you aren’t leveraging the referrals for your offline customers, start now! I emphasize the importance of the word of mouth to my offline customers, and bring proven examples to the table. I show them how big corporations are leveraging this simple and free advertising method to skyrocket their business and gain droves of new customers. Putting [...] is a great tool for SEO and traffic, however I noticed most people don’t realize its full potential. One of its rather powerful feature is posting groups, which allows you to separate social media accounts as status updates, full blogging, micro blogging etc. I recommend creating several groups for just blogging and putting 2 blog accounts in each. The reason to focus on blogging is the flexibility for posting [...]


Finding different methods for landing offline/online clients is my favorite hobby and I am going to share one of them with you as a step by step plan. This one requires absolutely no money down and no tedious hard work. No web site, either. After implementing these steps, I signed up 2 offline clients and one of them also signed up for monthly maintenance deal for backlinks, google places, site [...]


If you are trying to pick up offline SEO clients, I am going to share a very cool technique that worked wonders for me. I do internet marketing as a hobby, and I ran into this interesting Amazon niche thread by a fellow Warrior Forum member. I got inspired by this thread and started creating Amazon niche web sites. I am a big advocate of keyword research and I think [...]


Offline consulting isn’t as difficult as people make it out to be. Many skeptics out there are asking about the results offliners achieve with their clients. It’s not so hard to achieve results if you know the basics of internet marketing and start digging the offline gold with the online shovel. Let me summarize the top 5  easiest ways to achieve astonishing results  with your offline business clients: Top  5 [...]


Today’s guest post is by well respected offline marketer Travis Petelle. Every newbie  internet marketer and aspiring small business consultant needs to read this and follow every step of it. Yes, sign off from the forums and instant messengers, unsubscribe from all mailing lists, stop looking for products to buy until you put this into action and get massive traffic. This simple text teaches you how to get massive traffic [...]


Offline consulting is all the rage in the internet marketing world these days, and quite logically so. Making money online is a lot more difficult and a lot of things have changed. It’s not so easy to make viable income from adsense anymore. People get Google slapped and sandboxed all the time, and whenever Google changes search algorithm a lot of these adsense sites stop generating income. Affiliate marketing is [...]


I had been working with a realtor to find some cheapo fixer upper property for flipping purposes. I am going to share a story she told me about her family, who own 20 rental homes in town.  Her father was making 200k/year from rental income and they were living in a modest house worth 50k. Her mom insisted on moving to a bigger, fancier, 3000 sqft house. Her father said [...]


Self created mental barriers are the biggest problem stopping most people on their tracks. ‘I can’t do this’, ‘I have no talent for it’, ‘ I look to young’, ‘I have an accent’, ‘I look like a dork’, ‘I have no experience with that’ all excuses and mental barriers we make ourselves. The greatest enemy of a person is their own self. That is the reason most people don’t take [...]


The first time I even heard about the whole outsourcing and Virtual assistant (VA) business was when I read The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss in late 2008. the book made is look easier than it actually was, and I have come a long way since then. I am going to share my tips and tricks here so that you don’t have to learn the hard way by wasting your [...]


Many people think building a career by sitting in depressing, abysmal gray cubicles for years is a safe and secure path to go. They couldn’t be more wrong. First of all, there is absolutely no security in any job (just over broke). You can get laid off, you can get fired (both happened to me, more than once). You can land in a really, really crappy position after years and [...]


If you are confused about investing and not really keen on doing research on stocks and investment funds, I strongly recommend investing in precious metals. Here are my top reasons to invest in precious metals: It is rather simple. The information is not confusing even for a total newbie. Just go on yahoo finance and take a look at the historical charts for silver, gold, platinum and palladium. It shouldn’t [...]


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If you fly often, it’s a good chance that you’re sick and tired of those extreme security measures and the endless lines at the airports. I don’t know about you, but it makes me cringe. Why? Cause I know for a fact that they are exaggerated, pointless and serve no purpose other than controlling the people in a totalitarian manner. If you comfort yourself by saying it’s for the public [...]


I want to ask you a question. How would you like to be locked up in a closet all day, for the rest of your life? You probably wouldn’t do it unless someone put a gun against your head. What if you got paid for it? Would you still do it? Yes? (Are you out of your mind?) No? But you are doing it, dear friend. You wake up early [...]

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